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Roger Freberg







the best gifts are usually the simple ones!

Karen,Kristin & Laura in Athens!



F.I.R.E. Comes to Cal Poly

Click  to go to the F.I.R.E. page & Listen to  Adam Kissel


a Great Chocolate Pie! and a meringue to die for!

My Favorite Recipes

I seem to always seem to be able to get a chuckle
 out of
Laura and her bud since kindergarden
Pam Lynd!


Interview on 'Loneliness' with John Cacciopo & Kristin Graham

another great recipe!...

Our 'Ancient' Family 'Bobotie' Recipe


Frederic Malle - Paris

How adventurous are you? Would you venture
into a little Parisian perfume shop on-line and
try something out? If you take a chance, you
may discover one of the delightful little
secrets on the planet...
Frederic Malle.

Just like Houbigant and Guerlain, he has some
wonderful stories about his perfumes. If you
send for a sampler package, he'll enclose a nice
soft-cover book on his subject. A sample will
 run you about 240
or about $322.

Here's a couple more pictures.